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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekly DX Report 24.03.2014 - 30.03.2014

23.03.201431.03.20143D2 Beqa Island (OC-016) by Jeff, K0UU.
14.03.201411.04.20145H Maurizio, IK2GZU.
23.03.201431.03.20145V Phil/F5MVB and Joel/F5AOW.
14.03.201403.04.20147P Peter, EI7CC.
20.03.201431.03.20148Q Tatsu "Ted", JF1CCH.
21.03.201424.03.2014BY Yuetuo Island (AS-134) by Zhang/BA3AX and Lu/BD3AEO.
29.03.201405.04.2014D4 Lukas, HB9EBT. 
28.01.201425.03.2014FG Guadeloupe (NA-102) by Jean-Pierre, F6ITD.
21.03.201404.04.2014FH Mayotte (AF-027) by Hartwig, DL7BC.
26.03.201401.04.2014FM Martinique (NA-107, DIFO FM-001, WLOTA 1041, DDFM 97) by Rich, M5RIC.
20.03.201401.04.2014FO/A Raivavae (OC-114) by Don/G3BJ, Chris/G3SVL, Nigel/G3TXF, David/G3WGN, Don/G3XTT, Hilary/G4JKS and Justin/G4TSH. QSL via G3TXF.
16.03.201408.04.2014FR Guy, F5MNW.
18.03.201426.03.2014GJ Craig/K3PLV and Pete/K8PT.
25.03.201431.03.2014GM Isle Of Tiree (EU-008) by members of the Black Country DX and Contest Group. QSL via M0URX.
26.03.201402.04.2014GM Isle of Arran (EU-123) by Glenn/G0SBN, Tony/G8YFA and Bob/M0KLO. QSL via M0URX.
25.03.201401.04.2014HH John/N5JC and Joel/N5JR.
14.03.201402.04.2014HP Simone/IK5RUN and Danio/I5OYY will live aboard and sail the Caribbean Sea on a Catamaran, and plan to activate two Panamanian islands: San Blas Province IOTA Group (NA-170, San Blas Archipelago) and the Colon-Veraguas North Province IOTA Group (NA-202). 
17.03.201426.03.2014J8 Bequia Island (NA-025) by Ark/UA4CC and Arunas/LY2IJ.
19.03.201425.03.2014KH2 David/N2NL, Edward/KH2L, Joel/KG6DX, Danilo/KH2JU and Cord/NH2KD.
12.03.201425.03.2014OA Hutch, NK0S.
25.03.201431.03.2014P4 Aruba (SA-036) by John, W2GD.
12.03.201429.03.2014PJ2 Curacao (SA-099, WLOTA 0942) by Andy, DK5ON.
01.03.201428.03.2014PZ Will, ON4AVT.
25.03.201402.04.2014T32 Christmas Island (OC-024) by Tim, NL8F.
21.03.201401.04.2014TI Mike/W1USN and Bob/AA1M.
19.02.201425.03.2014V4 St. Kitts (NA-104) by John, W5JON.
23.03.201430.03.2014VK Rottnest Island (OC-164) by John, VK6HZ.
28.03.201409.04.2014VK9M Mellish Reef (OC-072)
19.03.201401.04.2014VP2V British Virgin Islands (NA-023) by Bogdan/SP2FUD, Kazik/SP6AXW, Leszek/SP6CIK, Janusz/SP9FIH and Robert/SP9WZS.
29.03.201401.04.2014VP9 Bermuda (NA-005) by Kei, KG2A (JJ1RJR).
23.03.201430.03.2014VU4 Krish, W4VKU.
15.03.201401.04.2014W Longboat Key (NA-034) by Louis, W0FK.
21.03.201426.03.2014XT Yukinori/JA3VWT, Jusei/JA3IVU and Junichi/JH3AEF.
26.03.201402.04.2014YB Tukang Besi Islands (OC-219, ARLHS IDO-259 ) by Budi/YF1AR and Adhi/YB3MM. QSL YF1AR/8 via N2OO. QSL via YB3MM/8 see 
13.03.201426.03.2014ZL7 Chatham Islands (OC-038) by Franz, OE2SNL.
20.03.201401.04.2014ZL7 Franz/OE2SNL, Sandro/VE7NY, Graham/ZL1GMB and Barry/ZS1FJ. QSL are via VE7NY.
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