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Friday, June 13, 2014

14 June 2014                                              A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1206
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4K     - Dmytro, UT6UA and Alex, UT5UAS  will  be  active  as  4K/UT6UA  and
         4K/UT5UAS from Azerbaijan (grid LN30gk) between  16  and  20  June.
         They will concentrate on working EME on 144 MHz (main  mode  JT65).
         QSL information on Boris,  4K4K  and  Mamuka,
         4L2M will join them and the team will be active  on  the  HF  bands
         (except 80m) as 4J0K and 4K3K. The QSL route for contacts  made  on
         the HF bands is via RW6HS. [TNX RW6HS]
4K     - Jeff, N6GQ will be active as 4K9Z from Azerbaijan  on  20-25  June,
         including an entry in the All Asian DX  CW  Contest  (21-22  June).
         QSL via LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
CT8    - Special callsign CR2WRTC will be  on  the  air  until  17  June  to
         promote the Azorean team  participation  in  the  World  Radiosport
         Team Championship 2014. CR2WRTC is active on 80, 40, 20, 15 and  10
         metres SSB, CW, PSK31 and RTTY. A special QSL card will  be  issued
         and sent to all contacted stations via the bureau system.  Requests
         for direct QSL cards must be sent to CU2CE.
DL     - Kai, DJ9KAI is active as DJ9KAI/p from  the  island  of  Spiekeroog
         (EU-047) until 20  June.  QSL  via  home  call,  direct  only:  Kai
         Strehl, Hauptmannsreute 101, 70193 Stuttgart, Germany.
EA     - King Juan Carlos of Spain (EA0JC) will end his reign  on  18  June,
         and leave monarchy to his son Felipe. In celebration of the  event,
         Spanish  amateur  radio  operators  are  allowed  to  use   special
         prefixes from 18 June to 18 September.  EA  stations  can  use  AM0
         followed by their usual  call  area  number  (e.g.  EA4XYZ  becomes
         AM04XYZ), EB stations can use AN0  (e.g.  EB8XYZ  becomes  AN08XYZ)
         and EC stations can use AO0 (e.g.  EC9XYZ  becomes  AO09XYZ).  [TNX
G      - On 22 June the Cray Valley Radio Society will be  active  as  GB2CM
         from the Crossness Pumping Station in London for the  International
         Museums Weekend. QSL via G4DFI. Full details at  [TNX
I      - Franco, IK4YCQ will be active holiday style as IC8/IK4YCQ from  the
         island of Capri (EU-031) on 16-21 June. QSL via home  call,  bureau
         preferred. [TNX IK4YCQ]
J3     - W9DR will be active as J38DR from Grenada (NA-024) from 19 June  to
         1 July. He will be QRV on 6 metres only from "the  north  shore  of
         the island (FK92ef) for a great launch angle to North  America  and
         Europe over the Atlantic Ocean". Look for him on  50115  khz  (SSB)
         and 50115,6 khz (CW, with breakable beacon). QSL  direct  to  W9DR.
         [TNX NG3K]
J6     - Bill, K9HZ will be active again as J68HZ from  St.  Lucia  (NA-108)
         on 15-29 June. He will operate CW, SSB and RTTY  on  the  HF  bands
         and 6 metres. QSL via home call (direct), LoTW and eQSL;  logserach
         on Club Log. [TNX DX World]
PJ7    - Andrew, WA6WXD will be  active  as  PJ7/WA6WXD  from  Sint  Maarten
         (NA-105) on 21-28 June. He will be QRV on  20-10  metres.  QSL  via
         home call. [TNX DX World]
TF     - Martin, G3ZAY and Hugo, M0HSW expect to  be  QRV  as  TF/G3ZAY  and
         TF/M0HSW from Heimaey, Westman Islands (EU-071) on  14  June.  Look
         for main activity on 17 and 20 metres SSB  and  CW.  QSL  via  home
         calls. [TNX G3ZAY]
UA     - Weather permitting, Viktor R1NU, Gennady R3BY, Maxim RU5D and  Ivan
         UA6MF will be active as  either  RI1O  (QSL  via  R1NU,  direct  or
         bureau) and homecall/1 from Morzhovets  Island  (EU-119)  on  23-27
         June. They plan to be QRV on  40-10  metres  CW,  SSB  and  digital
         modes. [TNX RU5D]
W      - AJ4T, KD4QZR, KI4GGJ, KJ4AVG, KS4YT, KV4T and W4CCF will be  active
         from Dauphin Island (NA-213) on 23-30 June. They  will  be  QRV  on
         80-10 metres SSB and CW. QSL via home calls. [TNX]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The May 2014 issue is now available  for  download

DAYTON PHOTO GALLERY ---> The Dayton  Hamvention  2014  Photo  Gallery  (361
pictures) can be found at  This  is  the
18th year for the Dayton Photo Galleries. [TNX K8CX]

EU-180 ---> Sergey R6DX , Vasily  R7AA,  Andrew  R7CA  and  Yuri  RX6CM  are
active as RT6A/5 from Kosa Tuzla (EU-180, located along the Black Sea  coast
of Crimea) until 14 June. QSL via R7AA. [TNX R7AA]

QSL VIA YB9BU ---> Kadek, YB9BU says he is getting better,  and  can  resume
his QSLling duties.  Cards  for  YB8RW/p,  YB8RXA/p,  YB8SX/p  and  YB8SNX/p
should be sent direct only to YB9BU (instructions on,  he  does  not
use PayPal). Effective 8 June, requestes sent to YB3MM  by  PayPal  will  be
refunded. [TNX YB3MM]

W1AW WAS ---> Look for ARRL Centennial stations  W1AW/KL7  from  Alaska  and
W1AW/7 from Montana to be on the air starting at 00.00 UTC on 18 June  until
23.59 UTC on the 24th. Complete  information  on  the  ARRL  Centennial  QSO
Party can be found at

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8CW       NI5DX       JW4GUA      LA4GUA      TZ6BB       W3HNK
3B8FA       NI5DX       JW7QIA      LA7QIA      UE14TS      RZ9I
3E100PC     HP2B        KH2/AC2LI   JA2QNV      UP44WFF     UN6QC
4W/HB9FLX   HB9FLX      KH2/K2IO    JA2JWH      UW31xx      US5IDX
5N4EAM      IK2IQD      N5E         AD5WB       UW32xx      US5IDX
7Q7BP       G3MRC       OD5TX       W4JS        UW33xx      US5IDX
7Q7GIA      LA7GIA      OD5ZZ       NI5DX       UW34xx      US5IDX
7S400K      SM7BHM      OE100FM     OE1TKW      UW35xx      US5IDX
8S0HRA      SK0QO       OF60A       OH6GDX      UW36xx      US5IDX
9A1GEO      9A2MF       OJ0W        OH3WS       UW37xx      US5IDX
9A7XO       DG7XO       OL125D      OK5AM       UW38xx      US5IDX
9J2BO       G3TEV       OL140FIRE   OK5AM       UW39xx      US5IDX
9J2MM       NI5DX       OL70BARIUM  OK1MOW      V31MA       M0OXO
9K2KCBB     9K2RA       ON175PD     ON7SA       V31SJ       W5JAY
9L1JT       N4WDT       ON44WAR     ON7RY       V31WU       AF6WU
9V1YC       W5UE        P40DM       K5NOT       VC3JUNO     VE3JO
AF1Y/KH0 DU1/JH0CKF [b] PA200KN     PA1DV       VE2CSI      M0URX
AF1Y/KH0    JH0CKF  [d] PA35WO      PI4WO       VI50CONV    VK5SR
C4Z         G3SWH       PJ4DX       M0URX       VP2ETE      W3HNK
C6ATT       K2TTT       PR88ZX      PR8ZX       YL44WFF     YL2SW
CO0SS       EA5GL       PS77AB      PS7AB       YL73EPC     YL3GBC
CO6HLP      EA7FTR      PW7M        PS7CE       YU100CER    YU1HQR
CO8RRM      EA5KB       PY22VA      PY2VA       ZA/IW2JOP   IW2HAJ
CR2WRTC     CU2CE       PY22XB      PY2XB       ZA/ON6NB    ON4ANN
CR5EM       CS5CRE      PY77ZY      PY7ZY       ZD7PAS      ZD7DL
CS5FAT      CT6ARL      R44AST      UA6GG       ZF1MM       6Y5MM
CS5RCO      CT1EPJ      R44QFF      UA3QII      ZF2AH       W6VNR
CW30A       CX2ABC      R44QKO      RU3KO       ZF2NY       K9DIG
DK0DFF      DL7AFS      R50EPC      RZ3DVP      ZL2IO       DK7AO
DK0HORREM   DJ6SI       RI1ANT      RW1AI       ZP5KO       PY4KL
DQ60WAE     DF1QR       RT6A/5      R7AA        ZW20AS      PT2ADM
E20AX       E21EIC      S01WS       EA2JG       ZX14AM      PT2AA
E20HHK/p    E21EIC      S567O       S50E        ZX14BA      PT2AA
EG1CME      EB1HYS      SA6G/7      SM6CUK      ZX14CE      PT2AA
EG5SUB      EA5HEW      SD7SUB      SM7EYO      ZX14DF      PT2AA
EM7KAA      IK2DUW      SL3BR       SM3TLG      ZX14MG      PT2AA
EO90WF      US5WE       SL7BT       SM7GUY      ZX14MT      PT2AA
EV5SL       EW1BBA      SN0CHD      SP6OPZ      ZX14PE      PT2AA
F/ON6JUN/p  ON5SD       SN0DCH      SP6FRF      ZX14PR      PT2AA
F/PA70DDAY  PA0HFT      SN0DMY      SP1PMY      ZX14RJ      PT2AA
FS/W6IZT    N7XG        SN12FKD     SP7PKI      ZX14RN      PT2AA
GB1SNB      G7TCW       T32AZ       KH6QJ       ZX14RS      PT2AA
GB70DDL     G7TCW       TJ3AY       F5LGE       ZX14SP      PT2AA
HF80PLOCK   SP5ZBA      TM16C       F4DSE       ZY14AC      PT2AA
HL2ZBD/3    JK3IJQ      TM200BN     F5KOB       ZY14AL      PT2AA
HO100CANAL  HP1AVS      TM24H       F6KFI       ZY14ES      PT2AA
HT5T        TI4SU       TM28BG      F5IRO       ZY14GO      PT2AA
II1IBFL     I1SAF       TM5BDF      F6KWP       ZY14MA      PT2AA
II1NS       IQ1GE       TM6GAL      F6HQP       ZY14MS      PT2AA
II5LDV      IK5ZUB      TM70BBC     F5UOW       ZY14PA      PT2AA
II6ARTE     I6PMV       TM70BMC     F5IL        ZY14PB      PT2AA
IL3A        IK3HHX      TM70CF      F4DJG       ZY14PI      PT2AA
IR1ALP      IQ1CN       TM70CTX     F8KKV       ZY14RO      PT2AA
IY4EY       IQ4FE       TM70DD      F5JYD       ZY14RR      PT2AA
J6/G0VJG    G4DFI       TM70JUN     F4GAJ       ZY14SC      PT2AA
JT5DX       JT1CO       TM70UTAH    F5RJM       ZY14SE      PT2AA

C6ATH      Timothy G. Hardy, PSC 1012 Box 593, FPO AA 34058, USA
CU2CE      Jose Manuel Gamboa da Silva Melo, Rua de Santana 34, 9600-166
           Rabo de Peixe, Portugal
E51AND     Andy Duncan, P.O. Box 518, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Via
           New Zealand
HB9FLX     Felix K. Toggenburger, Hofwisen 10, 8627 Gruningen, Switzerland
JH0CKF     Akira Yokoyama, 7078 Hokujo, Hakubamura, Kitazumi-gun,
           Nagano-ken, 399-9301, Japan
ON4ANN     Erik de Mey, Nelemolenstraat 7, 1700 Dilbeek, Belgium
VE3KTB/VY0 Pierre F Fogal, 22 Birch St., Guelph ON N1G 2N3, Canada


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