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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Page last updated on: Monday, June 2, 2014

Papua New Guinea IOTA Tour

An international team will once again visit islands belonging to Papua New Guinea between September 11-30th.
Operators mentioned are Derek/G3KHZ, Hans/SM6CVX, Eddy/K5WQG, and Non-ham Stig Nyman.
Derek, G3KHZ/P29NI, states [edited], "The team will meet in Singapore on Sept. 10th, and then fly together. There will be no boat journeys this time. Our friendly captain Rod put his boat ("M/V Barbarian") up for sale. This will probably be our last DXpedition to this territory.
We have a quantity of gear stored in Papua New Guinea. This includes
generators, Spiderbeam poles, coaxial cable, tents, tables and chairs, etc. If anyone is interested in going there this equipment is available. If
there is no interest we will probably bring some of the gear back home
with us.
The islands scheduled by the full team will be:
September 11-14th - Callsign P29VCX; New Britain Island (OC-008).
September 15-20th - Callsign P29NI; Kranket Island (OC-258). QSL
via G3KHZ.
September 21-25th - Callsign P29VCX; Kiriwina Island (OC-115). QSL
via SM6CVX.
September 25-30th - Callsign P29NI; Loloata Island (OC-240). QSL
via G3KHZ.
Activity will probably be on 40-10 meters with operations being mainly
CW but there will be a station daily on SSB (mainly on 20m and 15m) and there will be some RTTY.
They do have a Web page at:
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