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Friday, June 6, 2014

425 DX News #1205
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Mauro Pregliasco
10:25 AM (3 hours ago)

07 June 2014                                              A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1205
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

5B     - Once again  Alessandro,  IZ4AMS  (  will  be  active
         holiday style as 5B/IZ4AMS from Cyprus on 15-25 June. He  plans  to
         pay "special attention" to 12, 10 and 6 metres. QSL via home  call.
         Log search and OQRS on Club Log. [TNX IZ4AMS]
E5_sc  - According to his page, Andy, E51AND expects  to  be  active
         from the islands of Mauke on 10-13 June and Mitiaro on 15-18  July.
         Both are in the South Cooks and count for IOTA group  OC-083.  When
         portable, E51AND runs 100 watts  to  a  43-foot  vertical  with  30
         radials. He operates SSB and slow CW. QSL to E51AND, direct only.
FK     - The website for the TX4A  DXpedition  to  Matthew  Island  (OC-218)
         [425DXN 1198] is now up and  running  at
         Cezar (VE3LYC) will be joined by  Bob  (KD1CT),  as  PA3EXX  is  no
         longer available for the trip. They plan  to  be  active  from  the
         island for four days between 1 and 9  September,  and  to  maintain
         one station on the air around the clock, operating on 40-10  metres
         CW and SSB. The team will meet in Noumea two  days  before  leaving
         to the island. Sailing is supposed  to  take  2-3  days  each  way,
         depending    on    wind    and    currents.       Dan,        W4DKS
         (dan.sullivan[@] will be  the  pilot  station  for  the
         operation. QSL via VE3LYC, direct or bureau; logsearch and OQRS  on
         Club Log. This will a very difficult and  very  expensive  project.
         The  team  is  looking  for  financial  support  from  groups   and
         individuals who wish to assist in  defraying  some  of  the  costs.
         PayPal donations can be made through the website.
FK     - Michel, FK8IK will be sailing with some non-ham friends  between  1
         and 30 November, with planned visits to  the  Chesterfield  Islands
         and two New Caledonian IOTA groups. His tentative  schedule  is  as
         5-9 November    TX5C  Chesterfield Islands (OC-176)
         14-17 November  TX5E  d'Entrecasteaux Reefs (OC-058)
         21-24 November  TX5B  Belep Islands (OC-079)
         Michel will  sign FK8IK/mm  when sailing.  While on  the islands he
         will operate CW and SSB  on  40-10  metres running 100 watts into a
         vertical antenna. [TNX F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]
GJ     - Freddy, F4HEC will be active as MJ/F4HEC from Jersey on  6-8  June.
         He will be QRV on 80-10 metres SSB, possibly also on 6 metres.  QSL
         via home call, direct only. [TNX NG3K]
GM     - Geoffrey, M5GAC will be active as MM5GAC/p from Islay  (EU-008)  on
         15-27 June. He will be QRV in  his  early  mornings  and  evenings,
         mainly on 80, 40 and 20  metres.  QSL  via  home  call,  direct  or
         bureau. [TNX]
HL     - Kei, HL2UVH and other 17 operators will be  active  again  as  6M6M
         between 16 June and 31 July. They will be QRV  on  6  metres  only,
         with high  power  stations.  They  will  operate  from  the  Korean
         mainland and from Cheju Island (AS-026,  between  20  June  and  23
         July). QSL via HL2UVH.
I      - The Extreme DX  &  Contest  Group  (  will  be
         active as IL3A from the island of Mazzorbo (EU-131) on 7 June.  QSL
         via IK3HHX, direct or bureau (email requests for bureau  cards  can
         be sent to mariohhx[@] [TNX IZ3NVR]
I      - ARI Vinci will be active as II5LDV from the birthplace of  Leonardo
         da Vinci in Anchiano on 7-8 June. They will be QRV on the HF  bands
         and 6 metres. QSL via bureau (preferred); direct  cards  should  be
         sent to IK5ZUB. [TNX IK5YOJ]
KH2    - Look for KH2/AC2LI (QSL via JA2QNV),  KH2/K2IO  (QSL  via  JA2JWH),
         KH2/JA2CCV (QSL via home call) and KH2/JG2VLL (QSL via  home  call)
         to be active from Guam (OC-026) on  7-8  June.  They  will  operate
         SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK on 40-6 metres.
OH     - OF60A is the special callsign celebrating the 60th  anniversary  of
         the OH6AA radio club. It will  be  used  on  8  June  from  Bjorkon
         Island (EU-101) and  again  on  13-15  June  from  Hailuoto  Island
         (EU-184). QSL via OH6GDX, direct or bureau.  The  callsign  expires
         on 31 December 2014. [TNX The Daily DX]
PY    -  The  National  Telecommunications  Agency has  authorized Brazilian
         amateur  radio  operators  to use special callsigns during the FIFA
         World Cup  (12 June to 13 July).  They will  take the  form of  any
         individual  callsign  with  a  double prefix  number,  e.g. PY1AA =
         PY11AA, PP2ABC = PP22ABC, PY6XY = PY66XY, PT9MM = PT99MM.
SU     - A team from the Egyptian Radio  Amateurs  Society  for  Development
         (ERASD) will again be active as SU8N from Jazirat Disuqi  (Nelson's
         Island, AF-109) between 13 and 20 June. [TNX DX World]
UN     - UN6GAO, UN6GDR, UN6QC, UN7GIT and possibly others  will  be  active
         as UP44WFF on 6-8 June. They will  operate  SSB,  PSK63,  RTTY  and
         maybe CW on 40, 20, 17, 15, 12 and  10  metres  from  the  Kukansky
         nature reserve at  the  shore  of  Lake  Balkhash.  QSL  via  UN6QC
         (direct), LoTW and Information on  the  Kazakhstan
         Flora and Fauna programme can be  found  at  [TNX
VK9    - JA3FVJ, JA3QWN, JA3TJA, JF3PLF and JH3FUK will be active  as  VK9EC
         from Cocos/Keeling Island (OC-003) from 29 July to 2 August and  as
         VK9EX from Christmas Island (OC-002) on 2-8 August.  They  plan  to
         be QRV on 160-6 metres SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31 and FM; it  will  be  a
         holiday style operation, but they "will make an effort  to  be  QRV
         as long as possible". QSL via JF3PLF, direct  or  bureau  (OQRS  on
         Club Log), and LoTW. Website: [TNX JF3PLF]
VP5    - Georg, DK7LX and Phil, G3SWH  will  be  active  as  VP5/G3SWH  from
         Grand Turk Island (NA-003) on  1-9  October.  They  will  have  two
         stations with wire antennas and operate CW  only  on  80-10  metres
         (no activity on 160, 60 or 6 metres).  QSL  via  G3SWH,  direct  or
         bureau  (OQRS  on  Phil's website),  and  LoTW.  Logsearch  will be
         available at (to be updated  daily,
         "subject to a decent Internet connection") and on  Club  Log.  [TNX
W      - Ron, AC7DX will be active as W7C from 15 June to 13  July  for  the
         2014 FIFA World  Cup.  His  motto  is:  "Radiosporting  and  Soccer
         Uniting the World". QSL direct only  to  Ron  G.  Lago,  1345  City
         View, Eugene OR 97402, USA.
W      - Look for Dan, AK4PX/p to be active from Garden  Key,  Dry  Tortugas
         (NA-079) on 14-16 June. He will operate SSB  on  40-10  metres  and
         especially on 6 metres  during  the  ARRL  June  VHF  Contest.  QSL
         direct or LoTW. [TNX NG3K]

PACIFIC TOUR ---> Dmitry, RM2A will be active  from  the  Fiji  Islands  and
Samoa as follows:
1-2 July   3D2ML    Beachcomber Island    OC-121
3-7 July   5W0ML    Upolu, Samoa          OC-097
8-13 July  3D2ML    Nanuya Balavu Island  OC-156
13 July    3D2ML    Viti Levu Island      OC-016
He will operate CW and SSB on the HF bands. QSL via home call.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

20TH  IOTA  DINNER  --->  The  20th  annual  IOTA  Dinner  at   the  Visalia
International DX  Convention  will  be  held  on  17  April  2015,  and  the
organizers "would love to have as many IOTA Chasers & IOTA Expeditioners  as
possible"  join  them  to  celebrate  the  anniversary.  "For  our  planning
purposes, it would be very helpful to get  an  idea  of  how  many  plan  to
attend (or will be seriously thinking  about  attending).  A  short  inquiry
page  is  now   up    at:".    Convention
registration begins on 16 June; details at [TNX N6VR]

IOTA SURVEY ---> The Korea Contest Club is conducting a survey to  know  the
current demand for HL IOTA  groups  and  organize  their  future  activities
accordingly: (the  'submit'  button  is  the
one on the right at the end of the page). The  deadline  is  30  June.  [TNX

QSL VK9MT ---> On 2 June a large batch of VK9MT  (Mellish  Reef)  QSL  cards
were mailed from the  United  Kingdom.  Included  in  the  mailing  are  all
(received to date) OQRS requests and all requests made directly to  the  QSL
manager (a  total  of  2724  individual  letters),  plus  bulk  packages  of
outgoing cards to the Danish DX Group, DX-Italia, the German DX  Foundation,
the  Mediterraneo  DX  Club  and  the  Swiss  DX  Foundation.  Additionally,
requests for confirmation through the bureau system will be bulk  mailed  to
the worldwide bureaux. LoTW was uploaded shortly after the DXpedition.

SEANET CONTEST & CONVENTION ---> This year's SEANET Contest will take  place
on 7-8 June (24 hours). The results will be announced  at  the  42nd  SEANET
Convention, to  be  held  in    Bali,  Indonesia  on  14-17  November.  Full
information  on  the  Contest  and  the   convention    can    be  found  at

W1AW WAS ---> Look for ARRL Centennial stations  W1AW/5  from  Arkansas  and
W1AW/0 from Minnesota to be on the air starting at  00.00  UTC  on  11  June
until 23.59 UTC on the 17th Complete information on the ARRL Centennial  QSO
Party can be found at


QSLs received direct or through managers: 3A60ARM, 3C0BYP,  3D2RA,  3D2RA/p,
4J3M, 4L0A, 4S7DFG, 4S7FRG, 4S7LXG, 5B/RN3QO, 5B4AJC,  5W1SA,  6Y3M,  7Q7BP,
9H25Y, 9L1A,  9X0NH,  A43MI  (AS-014),  A52JR,  A71A,  A71BO,  A71EM,  AH0K,
CW5F  (SA-057),  CX2BR,  CY0/VA1AXC,  DU7ET,  E29BUQ,    EA9/DL2RNS,  EG5INT
J75KG, J75Z, J79VC, J8/LY2IJ, JD1YBT,  JH1OGT/6  (AS-047),  JT1AA/3,  JY9FC,
K9W, KH2L, KH8/DL2AWG (OC-077), KH8/DL6JGN  (OC-077),  KH8/PA3EWP  (OC-077),
KL7IWC, LU1FAM, LU4ZS (AN-013), OA4/N7CW, OD5NJ/p  (AS-108),  OD70YY,  OG0A,
OJ0X,  PJ2/W5BOS,  PJ5/K3TRM,  PP5VB,  PQ9M,   PY0F/PP1CZ,    S21ZBC,  S9TF,
SN110RAEM, SV2ASP/A,  T33A,  T46C  (NA-204),  T48K,  TA1CR,  TA3TTT,  TK0INT
(EU-100), TK1INT (EU-104), TK2INT  (EU-164),  TM200CF,  TO4C,  TO7CC,  TX6G,
XV2RZ, XZ1J, YB3MM/4 (OC-262), YB3ZP, YB8HZ/p  (OC-145),  YF1AR/8  (OC-219),
YF1AR/8 (OC-272), YF1AR/8 (OC-273), YW5B  (SA-037),  YW5PI  (SA-048),  Z30U,


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