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Monday, June 16, 2014

DxCoffee - Daily updates

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Posted: 16 Jun 2014 04:43 AM PDT
“In 2007, the Five Star DXers Association, FSDXA, organized a large DXpedition to St. Brandon Island in the Indian Ocean. This DXpedition still rates as the most successful ever in terms of the...
Posted: 16 Jun 2014 04:15 AM PDT
Steven, VK2HSL, informs DxCoffee Readers: “Steven VK2HSL, Randson BV2DQ and Terry BU2CC will be active from P’enghu island, Taiwan (IOTA AS-103) as BW9/VK2HSL between June 18-20, 2014....
Posted: 16 Jun 2014 01:07 AM PDT
2014 DxCoffee Party, the DX community celebrates its Magazine “The plane has taken off, the lights of Catania are fading away. Pity.. it’s already over, but I can say I have enjoyed every single...
Posted: 16 Jun 2014 12:05 AM PDT
16 June 2014 Kai, DJ9KAI, informs DxCoffee readers: “Dear Coffee enthusiasts, it is one of the best combinations: beautiful weather, good conditions, a happy family and a full logbook. We will...
Posted: 15 Jun 2014 06:17 AM PDT
15 June 2014 Logo of T31R ***************************** 28 May 2014 Next activity from Kanton Island with the callsign T31R by most of the team that operated from Juan Fernandez as XR0ZR. Unless last...
Posted: 15 Jun 2014 05:51 AM PDT
Alfredo, IK7JWX, informs DxCoffee readers: “IQ7AF/P Capezzone Island IOTA EU-091 (I.I.A. P-027) acitve during IOTA Contest 2014. Team IQ7AF, Radio Club of ARI Lecce section. Qsl via bureau or...

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