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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DxCoffee - Daily updates

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Posted: 25 Jun 2014 04:51 AM PDT
From Mediterraneo to Indian Ocean Press Release #1 Nosy Be means “big island” in the Malagasy langu age and Nosy Be, not far, from the mother island Madagascar, will be the next...
Posted: 25 Jun 2014 04:24 AM PDT
David, OK6DJ, will be active from Rhodes, IOTA EU-001, as SV5/OK6DJ in QRP DXpedition. Date: 1-7 July 2014. QSL only via OQRS
Posted: 25 Jun 2014 04:06 AM PDT
Dmitry, RM2A (ex. RW6AML) ANNOUNCEMENT: 3D2ML & 5W0ML IOTA Tour: - 3D2ML     01-02 jul 2014     Beachcomber is., Mamanuka gr., Fiji OC-121 - 5W0ML    03-07 jul 2014     Upolu is., Samoa ОС-097 -...
Posted: 25 Jun 2014 02:11 AM PDT
  “Yesterday, Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani announced in an interview with CNN’s Christian Amanpour that his region is considering seeking formal independence from Iraq. “Iraq is...
Posted: 24 Jun 2014 11:00 PM PDT
25 June 2014 (photo courtesy of YB8RW) ********************************** 20 June 2014 First photo from the Team **************************** 18 June 2014 Din YB8RW informs DxCoffee readers:...

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