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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly DX Report 16.06.2014 - 22.06.2014

20.06.2014 25.06.2014 4J Jeff, N6GQ.

09.06.2014 23.06.2014 5W John, ZL1GWE.

07.06.2014 21.06.2014 C6 New Providence Island (NA-001) by Jay, K2TTT.

12.06.2014 19.06.2014 CT3 Madeira (AF-014) by Rene, DL2JRM.

11.06.2014 17.06.2014 DL Spiekeroog Island (EU-047) by Oliver, DK7TX.

10.06.2014 18.06.2014 E5/SC Mauke Island (OC-083) and Mitiaro Island (OC-083) by Andy, AB7FS.

14.06.2014 21.06.2014 F Ouessant (EU-065) by Eric/F5LOW, Laurent/F5MNK, Bertrand/F6HKA and Leon/ON4ZD. QSL via ON4ZD.

05.06.2014 19.06.2014 F Members of the Loos DX Gang will be active special event station to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. QSL via F5JYD.

09.06.2014 27.06.2014 FS St. Martin (NA-105, DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383) by John, K9EL.
15.06.2014 20.06.2014 G Lundy Island (EU-120) by Peter/G0DRX, Matt/G0ECM, Mike/G0MEM, Steve/G0UQT, Henryk/M0HTB and SWL Julja.
14.06.2014 21.06.2014 GM Tanera Mor (EU-092, IOSA SC10, SCOTIA CN32, WAB NB90) by Steve/G0MTD, Paul/M1PAF, Glyn/M0XUH, Norman/G7MRL and Mark/M0WCR. QSL via G0MTD.
15.06.2014 27.06.2014 GM Isle of Islay (EU-008, IOSA NH22, SCOTIA CS25, WLOTA 1826) by Geoffrey, M5GAC.

18.06.2014 24.06.2014 HK Malcolm, VK6LC.

13.06.2014 17.06.2014 HK0 San Andres Island (NA-033) by Malcolm, VK6LC.

05.06.2014 18.06.2014 J6 St. Lucia (NA-108) by Nobby, G0VJG.

21.06.2014 22.06.2014 KH0 Northern Mariana Islands (OC-086, USI NI-002S, WLOTA 1333) by Wataru, JA3IUY.

17.06.2014 29.06.2014 SM Aspo Island (EU-138) by Bernd, DL8AAV.

09.06.2014 16.06.2014 SM Ven Island (EU-147, WLOTA 0780) by Lars, SM6CUK.

13.06.2014 20.06.2014 SU Nelson's Island (AF-109) by members of the ERASD (The Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society For Development).
13.06.2014 19.06.2014 SV Skyros (EU-060) by SV2BRT, SV2CLJ, SV2DGH, SV2FPU, SV2HNC and SV2RJV. QSL via SV2DGH.

07.06.2014 17.06.2014 SV Thasos Island (EU-174) by Mike, YO9GVW.

09.06.2014 21.06.2014 SV Thasos Island (EU-174) by Michael, DH7IF.

16.06.2014 26.06.2014 UA9 South Kuril Islands (AS-062) by Alex/RU0LM, Vlado/UA0LCZ, Serge/RX0F, Oleg/RK3AW, Andrey/R6MG and Yuri/R7MR. QSL via RX3F.

14.06.2014 16.06.2014 W Dry Tortuga Islands (NA-079) by Dan, AK4PX.

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