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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Page last updated on: Tuesday, August 5, 2014

IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

5 August, 2014

Island activities:
AS-014; A4; Al Wusta Region Group: Members of the Omani Amateur
Radio Society (ROARS) plan to activate Masirah Island (WW Loc.
LL90jl) as A43MI from the 7th to the 11th. QRV in SSB, CW, and
digital modes. QSL via A47RS (d/B).
EU-008; GM; Inner Hebrides: Paul, 2E0EME, gets on the air from the
Isle of Mull (IOSA NH15, SCOTIA CN10, WLOTA 2485) between the 9th
and 16th. He also plans visits to the Isle of Iona (IOSA NH16,
SCOTIA CN01) and the Isle of Ulva (IOSA NH18, SCOTIA CN05). QSL
only direct via 2E0EME.
EU-013; GJ; Jersey: Jan, DJ8NK (GJ0VNK) and Paul, F6EXV (MJ0EXV),
will operate from Jersey (WLOTA 0818, WW Loc. IN89). between the
8th and 12th. QRV on 160-6m in SSB, CW, RTTY, and PSK31. QSL via
homecalls (bureau, ClubLog).
EU-052; SV; Ipeiros/ Dytiki Ellas Region group: Max, IZ2ZTQ, hopes
to call at all Ionian Islands with his sailing boat from the 10th
to the 20th and operate as SV8/IZ2ZTQ. Follow his route at: QSL via homecall (d/B/L).
EU-069; EA5; Columbretes Islands: Guillermo, EA5MON, plans to
operate holiday-style as EA5MON/p from Columbrete Grande (ARLHS
SPA-180, WLOTA 1747, EAFF-138) between the 6th and 9th. QSL via h/c
(bureau), LoTW.
EU-075; SV; Peloponnisos (Argolis)/ Attiki Region group: Diego,
IZ1JFT, is going to put Agkistri Island (GIOTA SAS-047, MIA MG-006)
on the air from the 7th to the 22nd as SV8/IZ1JFT. QSL via h/c
OC-210; YB8; Sangihe Islands: Din, YB8RW, and his team
(Donny/YB8SX, Lambert/YC8RLM, Ronald/YC8ROP, and Arnol/YC8TDK)
announce an activation of Karakitang Island (WW Loc. PI23se) for
August 5 to 8. QRV with their homecalls/p on HF. QSL via YB9BU (d).

Compiled by Friedrich, DL4BBHDeutscher Amateur Radio Club

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