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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Page last updated on: Monday, August 18, 2014


The July 2014 DX Advisory Committee Report (Doc #27), which
was submitted by Arne Gjerning, N7KA, Chairman of the DX Advisory Committee (DXAC), to the ARRL Board of Directors (BOD) and Program and Services Committee (PSC), is now made public and contains some interesting subjects:
Remote stations - The DXAC favored the proposed change of rule I.9,
stating, however, some distance limitation should be included for the
remote station. Using an idea similar to that used for contest stations,
establishing a distance of 200km separation between the remote station
and the operator’s home station location and that no part of a remote
station can be located more than 200km from any other part.
Entity Criteria - The DXAC proposes that NO Change be made to the
entity criteria at this time and any efforts presently in process for any entity to gain membership in the UN or the ITU be allowed to take its due course. This vote does not indicate a failure of the DXAC to reach a consensus. It does, however, represent the divided opinion of the DX community on this subject.
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