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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Page last updated on: Friday, August 29, 2014

FT4TA, Tromelin 2014 DXpedition

We have just passed the 100 days mark before the beginning of our FT4TA operation to the island of Tromelin.
Since the last official press release many things have evolved well; we are extremely fortunate. Thanks to the strong mobilization around our project, we are relatively trustful in the fact of being able to gather the necessary budget. If we do not meet last minute problems, and if individual donations continue to flow at the current rate, we should balance our budget (after the expedition). Some partners have not yet validated their assistance, and we definitively count on them!
In addition, several people in Japan have mentioned to us they encountered problems with the Paypal button on our website. In order to circumvent this problem, we invite people who would be in this instance to use our address ( directly from their Paypal account.

Almost all of the equipment was gathered by the team. This equipment was lent, purchased or taken from our personal stations. We want to express our thanks to Spiderbeam (masts), Elecraft (radios), OM Power (amplifiers), Microham (interfaces), Messi and Paolini (coaxial cables), DX Engineering (phasing 80m) and DX, which sponsors us the Internet access by satellite to let you use our on-line logbook and read daily news from the team during the operation.
At the end of June, three pallets of equipment had been shipped to Reunion island. They have been transported last Sunday to Tromelin (by helicopter) by the logistics service of TAAF. This possibility was offered to us suddenly and was not in our initial plan. Although it induces very important expenditure, we could not let pass this opportunity because it will deeply modify the physiology of our operation. It would not have been possible for us to carry all this equipment on a small aircraft.
This freighting marks the true point of no return!
Our preliminary works with TAAF continue. Michel FM5CD and Seb F5UFX went at the end of May to Reunion to meet our interlocutors (TAAF, civil aviation, airline company). We want to highlight again the trusted relationship and the incommensurable assistance brought by TAAF.
2014 marks the 60th birthday of the first amateur radio activity from Tromelin. Prepared in collaboration with the philatelic service of TAAF, and drawn by an artist, a special stamp will be put on sale at the time of the Autumn Philatelic Exhibition in Paris (November 6th to 9th). During this event, an amateur radio station will be set-up on the TAAF booth by the radio-club of Provins, F6KOP. They will proceed to demonstrate and make contacts with FT4TA team twice a day. It's very important to promote our activity in such an exhibition.
Our website evolves constantly. The pages known as "classical" are available since the beginning (operators, pilots, QSL manager, sponsors) and news articles appeared lately (historical, bandplan..). Others are in preparation and should be published soon (interview of FR5ZU and F6JJX, two ex-"Tromelin" operators, PowerPoint presentation..).
It is the ideal time to prepare your station to be ready. On October 30th point your antennas towards the Indian Ocean! In the meantime join us on Facebook & Twitter to follow our news and keep an eye on the Tromelin2014 website ( A surprise will be announced soon!
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