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Monday, August 4, 2014

Page last updated on: Sunday, August 3, 2014

IOTA News from OPDX

4 August, 2014

Island activities:
AS-064. A team of Russia operators will be activating Karaginsky Island (RR-12-03, RDA KT-11) between August 21-28th. The group announced this past week that since the callsign block (for RI0Z, which was their first announced callsign) no longer belongs to Karaginsky, they will now use (and have received) the callsign RI0X for this DXpedition. The callsign is good between August 18th and October 10th. A new Web page will replace with This island has not been activated for more than 15 years.
Operators mentioned are Vasily/RA1ZZ, Valery/UA0ZC, Aleksandr/RA3AV, Adrey/R9XC and Avinir/UA1ZZ.
For logistics and their QSL Manager is Viktop, UA3AKO.
Activity will be on 80-10 meters, including 30/17/12m (possibly 160m)
using CW and SSB.
AS-173. Operators Arasu/VU2UR (CW), Laxman/VU2LX (CW), Ramesh/VU2LU (SSB/Digi), Govind/VU2GGM (SSB/Digi) and Lion/VU2JHM will be active as AT5RP from Pamban Island between August 13-17th. They also plan to activate the Pamban Channel Lighthouse (ARLHS
IND-048), Rameswaram Lighthouse (ARLHS IND-058) and the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park (VUFF-030). Operations will be on the recommend IOTA and WWFF frequencies using CW and SSB.
QSL via VU2LU. For more details and updates, see under
NA-007. By the time you read this, Mike, VE2XB, will be finishing his
VY0BRR operation from Cape Dorset on Nottingham Island (August 4th). Activity is expected on 160-17 meters using CW and SSB.
QSL via his home callsign (w/SASE 2 IRCs or 2 USDs). For more
details and updates, see:
NA-014. Mike, KI1U, will be active as KI1U/VE9 from Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, between September 10-14th. Most activity will be
on the HF bands with a focus on CW and the Digital modes. He will also be in the September VHF Contest from WW Loc. FN64.
As an ARRL HQ staffer, he is worth 50 points for the ARRL Centennial QSO Party. Since he is operating from another DXCC entity, these QSOs will count in addition to the ones made in the U.S., so be sure to log him for another 50 points! LoTW is the preferred method for QSLs. If you need a card, QSL to his home callsign with SASE or 2 greenstamps for DX or by the Bureau.
NA-198. Larry, K4KGG, is now active as K4KGG/VO1 from Fogo Island
until August 5th. Activity is on the HF bands using SSB and possibly RTTY. QSL via K4KGG.
OC-210. Operators Din/YB8RW, Donny/YB8SX, Lambert/YC8RLM, Ron/YC8ROP, Novilius/YC8UNT, Ferdy/YD8SPD and Arnol/YC8TDK will be active as homecall/p from Karakitang Island between August 5-8th.
QSL via YB9BU.
SA-090. Members of the "Grupo DX Caracas" radio club will be active as YW6X from Islas Piritu (ARLHS VEN-046, WLOTA LH3032) between
November 7-9th. Activity will be on the HF bands. QSL via DM4TI.
Compiled by Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW OPDX
RSGB IOTA website
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