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Thursday, May 30, 2013

IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
30 May, 2013

Island activities:

EU-053; OJ0/SM; Market Reef:
Harry, OJ0VM, will spend the 2nd - 6th of June on Market Reef. He is a member of the Finnish Lighthouse Society and repairs Lighthouses together with his fellow members. QSL via h/c (d/B).

EU-107; F; Bretagne (Cotes-D'Armor West) Region group:
Members of the Babaow Island Gang will visit the Ile la Petite (DIFM MA-055) on the 4th and 5th of June and operate as TM0BIG. Operators are Gil/F4FET, Diego/F4HAU, and SWL Ludo. QRV on 40, 20, 17, 15, and
10m. QSL via F4FET (d/B).

EU-115; EI/GI/MI; Ireland:
Grey Point Fort (CASHOTA GI-060, WAB J47, WW Loc. IO74dp) will see a 48h activity, starting the 31st of May 1500z. GB0GPF, GN0URN, and MN0GPF will operate until the 2nd of June on 80-10m in SSB and PSK. There will be a special award for contacting all 3 calls.
QSLs for all calls via MI0MOD, direct only.

EU-171; OZ; Jylland North group:
Tom/DL4VM, plans to spend his holidays on Vendsyssel (DIA NJ-001) and will operate holiday-style as OZ/DL4VM. QSL via h/c (d/B).

EU-189; GM/MM; Isle of Rockall:
George/EA2TA, Christian/EA3NT, Simon/IZ7ATN, and Col/MM0NDX hope to activate Rockall June 1 to 3 as MS0INT. The exact dates and schedule will depend on the weather conditions. QSL via M0URX.

NA-064; KL; Near Islands (Agattu Attu) group:
KL7NWR will commemorate the WWII fights over Attu in 1943. Attu is North America's westernmost tip and a part of the "Alaska Maritime
National Wildlife" (KFF-143) area. QRV from 2nd to 5th of June on 20, 17, and 15m. QSL via KL2HD (d/B).

NA-143; W5; Texas State West (Matagorda to Jefferson County) group:
Members of the BVARC (Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club) will operate as KK5W from Pelican Island (USi TX008S) for the Museum Ship weekend. Ships put on the air will be the USS Cavalla (SS-244) and the USS Stewart (DE-238). QSL via KK5W, direct only.
K0JCC, K5WRN, KJ5WRN, K0KS, W5AOO, KT5MR, and N5TCB are planning a visit to another island in the same group, Galveston Island. The will be QRV from aboard the sailing ship Elissa as N5E on 40-10m in SSB and CW. QSL via AD5WB, direct only.

NA-146; FJ; Saint Barthelemy:
Jeff/K5WE and his son Erik/N5WR will be operating from Saint Berthelemy Island (DIFO FJ-001, WLOTA 0377, WW Grid. FK87) June 3 to 10 as FJ/homecall. QRV mostly in CW, but also in RTTY and SSB on 80-6m. QSL via h/c (d/B).

NA-174; VY0; Nunavut (Foxe Basin) group:
David/VE3VID has returned to Igloolik Island (CIsA NW-013, WW Loc. EP99cj) for about one month. During his spare time he will work as VY0/VE3VID, mostly on 20m in RTTY. QSL via VE3VID, direct only.

OC-028; V7; Ralik Chain:
From June onwards Mike/KJ6MZ will spend a few months on Kwajalein Atoll, Ralik Chain and appear on the bands as V73MZ. QSL via P.O. Box 22409, San Diego, CA 92192, USA.

H44IOTA Mega-IOTA-Trip
Styled as "The 3C Project" (Connect, Communicate, Coordinate) a group of operators will travel to various IOTA-locations in the Solomon Islands. Their planned itinerary:

June 1 - 4: New Georgia (H44, OC-149, WLOTA 2758),
June 6 - 8: Lologhan, Russell Islands (H44, OC-168),
June 10 - 13: Mana Island, Florida Islands (H44, OC-158, WLOTA 1132),
June 17 - 24: Sikian Atoll (H44, OC-285),
July 1 - 7: Nendo Island (H40, OC-100),
July 9 - 12: Vanikolo/Utupua (H44, OC-163)
July 14 - 16: Pigeon Island, Reef Islands (H40, OC-065).

QRV from all locations as H44IOTA on 80-10m in SSB and CW. QSL via


Right before Gil/F4FET and Diego/F4HAU are going to EU-107 they plan a visit to some coastal islands for the DIFM-programme on the 1st and 2nd of June. Calls will be homecall/p. Their schedule is:

June 1: MA080 Molene island (FFF-641) - MA079 Losquet island -
MA016 Grande island
June 2: MA077 Renard island - MA076 Aganton island - MA078
Bolenec island - MA016 Grande island

All those islands, except MA080, are also located in FFF-638. QSL
via h/c (d/B).

Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

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