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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Page last updated on: Thursday, May 9, 2013
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IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

9 May, 2013

Island activities:
AF-014; CT3; Madeira Is.:
Costantino, IW2NXD, and Antonio, IK2ZJR, are due to appear holiday-style on the bands between the 12th and 20th of May as CT9/homecalls, QRV in SSB, CW, and PSK31. QSLs via h/c.
Likewise Markus, DL3FD, will be on from Canico de Baixo as CT9/DL3FD 8th till 18th. QRV on 40-10m in SSB. QSL via h/c.
AF-016; FR; Reunion Island:
Jerome, FR1JB, Yvon, FR1GZ, Jacky, FR4NP, FR4DJ, Michel, FR4OA, FR4OM, PAUL, FR4OO, Francois, FR4OS, FR4OU, Willy, FR4OV, FR4PE, Bruno, FR4PF, Jacques, FR4PG, Alain, FR5CU, Patrick, FR5FC, and Philippe, FR5HV, will make up a large team and get on the air as TO1PF ("Piton de la Fournaise" -- a volcano) from Reunion's eastern coast (DIFO FR-001, WWFF FFF-011, WLOTA 1812) on the 11th and 12th of May. QRV all bands and modes, QSL via FR1GZ, direct only.
AS-013; 8Q; Maldives:
Jim, 8Q7EJ (G3VDB), will pay Komandoo Island a visit between the 13th and 26th of May. QRV mainly on 20m holiday-style in CW and SSB. Logs of his past activities 2009-2012 have been uploaded to ClubLog. QSL via h/c.
EU-001; SV5; Dodecanese (Dhodhekanisos) (incl. Kastellorizon, Kos,
Patmos, Rhodes, etc.):
Teo, SV1GRM, George, SV1RP, John, SV1GYG, John, SV1GE, and Takis, SV2FWV plan an activity from Kalolimnos Island (GIOTA DKS-048, MIA MGD-011, ARLHS ARLHS DOD-030, GRE-076, WLOTA 0662, WW Loc. KM37mb) as SX5KL. QRV 10th-20th of May, all bands and modes. QSL via SV1GRM.
EU-006; EJ; Aran Is.: Westnet DX Group members Declan, EI6FR, Tony,
EI3HA, Tony, EI2GX, Liam, EI7DSB, Dermot, EI5IQ, Tony, EI2KC,
Bernhard, HB9ASZ, Rolf, HB9DGV, Gordon, MM0BIM, Barry, GM3YEH,
John, GM0DJG, and Allan, GM3OZB, will be back on the air from Aran
as EJ7NET from the 10th till the 15th on HF in all modes. QSL
direct via EI6FR, LotW.
EU-008; GM; Inner Hebrides (Ascrib Is., Canna, Coll, Colonsay, Crowlin Is., Eigg, Gigha):
A large group of 13 members of the Camb-Hams Group from Cambridge will be active once more from Mull as GS3PYE/p 10th till 16th of May. QRV on 160-2m and also 472kHz.
They will set up 5 rigs for HF. Stations for 6, 4, and 2m will operate from the south-eastern coast (IO76). 2m operations will include EME, as well as satellites (also UHF). Skeds possible via email (, ON4KST or N0UK's EME-chat. QSL via M0VFC (B), LotW.
MS0RWR is put on the air by members of the Riverway Amateur Radio
Society from Skye till the 11th of May. QRV on all bands 160-10m
and modes. QSL via G7TCW.
EU-013; GJ/MJ; Jersey:
Paul/MJ0PMA, Mathieu/MJ0ASP, Phil/GJ4CBQ, and Steve/MJ0ULE will be putting Jersey on the bands as GH3IT (WLOTA 0818, WW Loc. IN89ve) during the upcoming weekend with an emphasis on low bands & WARC in SSB and CW. Logs to be put on ClubLog and LotW. Online QSL request is available for direct and bureau.
EU-015; SV9; Crete (Kriti) (incl. Gavdhos, etc.):
Alessandro, SV9/IK4ALM (SSB and CW), und Carlo, SV9/IZ4WJA (digital modes) are QRV from Crete (GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400) 13th till 20th of May on 40-10m. QSLs via h/c.
EU-023; 9H; Malta group:
Bruno/F4CZU visits Gozo from the 11th to the 18th of May. QRV as 9H3ZU on HF. QSL via h/c (d/B).
EU-127; DL; Schleswig-Holstein State South West group (Blauort,
Helgoland, Helgoland Duene):
After his trip to Fehmarn Thomas, DJ6OI, will continue with an operation from Helgoland 10th to 15th of May as DJ6OI/p. QSL via h/c.
NA-096; HH, HI; Haiti/Dominican Republic (Hispaniola): Ronny,
OT4R/ON4ARV, plans to be active from Punta Cana (NA-096, WLOTA
2974, WW Loc. FK58tn) from the 10th of May till 1st of June as
HI7/OT4R. QRV each day 2000z - 2200z on 14266, 21226, and 28450,
operating an FT817 and a dipole. QSL via LotW, eQSL.
OC-086; KH0; Northern Mariana Is. (incl. Rota, Saipan, Tinian, etc.):
The Saipan Rental Shack will see an activation by Akira, (JH8XGS) W3ANA/KH0, and Ben KH0/JA1RTS between the 8th and 12th of May. QSLs via JA homecalls.
SA-004; HC8; Galapagos Island:
Daniel/DL5YWM will continue to operate from Santa Cruz (WLOTA 1667, WWFF HCFF-004, WW Grid EI49) as HC8/DL5YWM till the 11th. QRV holiday-style on 40-6m in SSB and CW. QSL via h/c (d/B).
VY0/VE3VID (NA-174) - QSL status
Half of the QSL requests have been dealt with so far, email inquiries will just slow down the process.
Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXGDeutscher Amateur Radio Club


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