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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Page last updated on: Wednesday, May 8, 2013
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Camb-Hams operating GS3PYE/P from Isle of Mull

Camb-Hams will be operating GS3PYE/P from the Isle of Mull (EU-008) on 10-16 May 2013.
The Camb-Hams have been activating the Scottish Isles each year since 2008 and will be retuning to the Isle of Mull in 2013.
Thirteen operators will be active on all bands and many modes from 2m to 160m. They will also be active on 472KHz for the first time.
The HF bands will be covered by five simultaneous stations, while the 6m, 4m and 2m stations will have a great take-off towards the UK and Europe from the island’s south-east coast in IO76 square.
They will have an antenna elevation system for 2m EME activity and will also be on many of the VHF/UHF satellite passes. WSPR beacons will be operating on most of the inactive bands to help find the best propagation.
Contest operations will take place in 70MHz CW on 12 May and 432MHz UKAC on 14 May.
The group will be active on the major social networks before, during and after the trip. You can check on progress or interact with the operators via their blog at or through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Previous trips have generated some great audio and video recordings of the GS3PYE/P signal from around the world. Check their previous blogs and their YouTube channel and see if you can post a better recording.
Please email to arrange skeds on the more challenging bands and modes. VHF and EME skeds will also be made via ON4KST and N0UK’s EME Chat.
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